Sailing Caribbean islands with a skipper

My dear English users,

I try an article especially for you. You’ll recognise my french accent :-).
In my stat I can see a lot of english incoming, so, you’ll be happy to read informations in your own language.

Dreaming of a cruise getaway? Start planning your vacation to the best Caribbean islands and find where to start, what to do and more with our island travel skippers.

cruise in Guadeloupe

We are a small corporation, who want to help you to find a deal for sailing around our beautiful islands. We are french skippers in Caribean Islands, and many of us speak english ( and better than me ).  I, François, am your 1st contact. I ‘ll be glad to receive your visit and questions about your hollidays projects.
– You don’t know very well those french fabulous islands : Guadeloupe, Martinique, St Martin. I know them well, and more… I am skipper and sailing teacher since 2000 in all caribes (BVI to Grenada ), So I can give you precious informations if you want to sail around them with a local skipper who speak a funky english.
I can find you a boat, with US standard ( air conditionning….good wine… and « gastronomique restaurants » …) I know also you like snorkeling, so I can stear you on the best places around.

To organise your perfect cruise with a skipper you ‘ll have many questions:

1- Where should I go sailing in caraibe ? Guadeloupe, Martinique, Antigua & Barbuda, St Martin, les Grenadines, British Virgin Islands.. Each destination is fantastic, and need a visit, of course, but my advise will be different is you have only 7 days or 15 days. Different if you are beganners or sailors….

2- Witch boat for sailing in caraibe? Catamaran or monohull ? In caraibe cat is more usual, because life is outside, so the cockpit is more important than the saloon. But the monohull is more sensible, and better up-wind…. This choice will depend of your expérience, but cat or mono is possible.

Croisiere catamaran barbuda

3- What kind of cruise do you need ? Some people want to learn, others want to relax, and others doesn’t know yet…. The boat and the skipper will be an important choice. But with « skippers associés » it will be possible to find you a solution.

4- what is the budget for a sailing trip in caraibe ? I can find you all standard starting to 120€/Day/pers minimum. Average price is 150€/day/pers. Depend of avalibities, season, and number of passagers. It’s usually cheaper with a group of 8 pers, but 6 can be OK. If you’re 2, invite friends !

5- After sailing what can we do? Snorkeling is the first and easy activity. ( with rhum punch ) then, visiting, restaurants, paddling, kite surfing, diving…. every thing can be explore. Ask me.


To give you good informations I need to know several important informations so I’ve done a special contact page for you.

I’ll be glad to hear you soon.


ps: if you want more English articles , let me a comment. Thanks

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